What Does a Wedding Cost in the Smoky Mountains?

Butterflies. Dating. The DTR. And finally, he put a ring on it. Now, it’s time to start planning that wedding.

And whether you’ve had a secret pin board where your wedding dreams live or this is the first time you’ve thought about planning your special day, one question keeps popping in your head:

What does a wedding cost?

And if you’re looking to elope or have a grand hoopla in the Smokies, more specifically you want to know what does a wedding cost in the Smoky Mountains?

As you begin searching, you’ll find apples, oranges, and even some bananas when it comes to comparing and contrasting wedding costs.

And we want to help.

Because it shouldn’t be some great mystery. What does a wedding cost in the Smoky Mountains is a question you can find an answer to, with a little bit of help.

What Does a Wedding Cost in the Smokies? - Christopher Place - www.christopherplace.com

What Does a Wedding Cost in Smoky Mountains?

Remember this question has a level of complexity to it.

Think of asking the question “What does a car cost?” or “What does a house cost?” or “What does a trip to Europe cost?” and the answer is “That depends on…” So many factors go in to a wedding. Vendors, attire, venue, flowers, and more all impact the cost. So what does a wedding cost in the Smokies?

You get to set your budget.

Knowing an average may help, but at the end of the day, you get to set your budget. And you can truly make it anything you want and still be able to have a fantastic wedding.

Decide what your priorities are. Is it a designer dress? A custom made ring? Flowers flown in from across the sea? A killer photographer? Being married at the end of the day? Flying in all the cousins from Denmark? Having a 13-tier wedding cake?

Whatever your priorities are – those are the things you may have to have a little more room in the budget for.

What Does a Wedding Cost in the Smokies? - Christopher Place - www.christopherplace.com

Truly, all budgets have beautiful weddings.

A wedding is no less beautiful with the bride and groom in front of a couple of witnesses than an elaborate affair with hundreds of guests. They’re all beautiful, special, and a treasured memory for you and the one you love.

Not all wedding packages are created equal.

Some venues offer all-inclusive packages, while others do not. Many venues have a base price to help you budget and that price may be a little different based on your specific number of guests. Even the definition of all-inclusive looks a little differently at different venues. And while some packages include some photography or a cake, you may choose to go with an outside vendor who offers something specific you may want.

Some of these stats will help.

The average cost of a wedding in Sevier and Cocke counties in TN are $19k+ and $13k+, respectively. These two counties cover the wedding capital of the South and are pretty helpful in figuring out what does a wedding cost in the Smokies.

And if you’re looking for a few more numbers to help you get an idea for what wedding cost in the larger area, you can click on any of these links to see the average cost of a wedding in Tennessee, in North Carolina, and in the major cities around the Smokies, like Knoxville, Asheville, Chattanooga, and in the South as a whole.

In case any of those numbers have you breathing into a paper bag, remember that they are averages, so plenty of weddings come in well under that price point.

What Does a Wedding Cost in Smoky Mountains? - Christopher Place - www.christopherplace.com

So where can you look for a beautiful venue, great all-inclusive packages, and lots of budget-friendly options?

Christopher Place Resort, located on 200 beautifully wooded acres and overlooking nothing but the Smoky Mountains, offers 4 all-inclusive packages to help you have the wedding of your dreams. Whether you’re looking for an intimate affair for just the two of you (starting at $750) or you want to rent out the whole house for a couple days (starting at $6,000) these packages will help you start the planning process. Of course we’d love to talk to you and offer you a quote on a wedding package specific to your needs.

All of our all-inclusive packages come in under the average cost for a Smoky Mountain wedding (based on the stats above) and start well below the average cost for an elopement in the area!

How far out do we need to plan our wedding?

We have requests that come in up to three years in advance for dates and we also help couples plan gorgeous Smoky Mountain elopements on much less notice – we’ve even planned some in a week or less!

What Does a Wedding Cost in the Smokies? - Christopher Place - www.christopherplace.com

At the end of the day…

It all boils down to you making the best choice for your special day. We’d love to talk with you about how to make your dream into a reality on your budget. We look forward to talking with you.

We care deeply about you getting the wedding of your dreams so we’ve put together a Smoky Mountain: Destination Wedding Planning Guide to help you plan your perfect  day, including recommended vendors, and resources for the Smokies you won’t see anywhere else. Plus you’ll get out best wedding tips delivered to you each month, so whether you’re planning your wedding for next week or not for a couple more years, you’ll have great resources at your disposal. Sign up here!