6 Reasons to Have a Mid-Week Wedding in Gatlinburg and the Smoky Mountains

When you hear about some upcoming nuptials, usually “Saturday” is the day that pops into your head for the main event. Makes sense for a lot of reasons in our present day, but weddings used to happen on any day of the week, and it’s a trend that’s growing in popularity once again.

Here are some of our favorite reasons to have a mid-week wedding in Gatlinburg and the Smoky Mountains.

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6 Reasons to Have a Mid-Week Wedding in Gatlinburg and Smoky Mountains


Choose a Date that’s Important to You

Looking at the list of available Saturdays in your wedding window is slightly unromantic. But choosing a date with meaning to you? Super romantic! You can choose your anniversary, dates or numbers that are special to you, or that are cool on the calendar, like a few years ago when everyone got married on 7-7-7.

Easier to Plan Something Last Minute

Sometimes when you decide to get married, you want to get married as quickly as possible. Finding a Saturday where everything aligns just right and is super soon is not always easy. But something mid-week? For sure!

More Intimate

If you’re looking to have a more intimate wedding with the people the closest to you, and not just a wedding, but an event where you all can spend time together over a few days, a mid-week wedding is really a great opportunity to carve out the time and to make the time together a priority.

It’s More Quiet

Especially if you’re getting married in a place that has a higher demand for weddings like Gatlinburg TN or the Smoky Mountains, getting married mid-week will make it so your wedding isn’t rushed, or lost in the shuffle of all the things going on in the area.

Great Vendor Choices (and maybe even discounts!)

Most wedding vendors can be booked months or even years out for high-wedding season, like June, or October, but if you get married mid-week, you get your choice of your favorites, as they are less likely to be booked for another wedding.

And because of this venues and vendors often offer discounts. Be sure to ask each vendor and venue you speak with how they are willing to work with you for your mid-week wedding.

Your Attention

In the modern world, sometimes brides and grooms are taking zero time off for their weekend weddings and heading right back to work Monday morning, because they don’t have or can’t take the vacation time they’d like to really savor it and want to save up for a honeymoon. Why not combine both, at a gorgeous destination wedding, where you can settle right into your honeymoon, before heading back to your every day life as a newly minted Mr. & Mrs.?

6 Reasons to Have a Mid-Week Wedding - Christopher Place - www.christopherplace.com

If you’re already considering a destination wedding in the Smoky Mountains, we invite you to consider Christopher Place Resort. We love working with couples to make their wedding dreams come true on our 200 wooded acres, where our staff prides itself on overlooking nothing but the Smoky Mountains.

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