6 Reasons to Honeymoon at a Smoky Mountain Bed and Breakfast

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Ok, let’s all agree that planning the honeymoon is just as much – if not more! – fun than planning the wedding. Because? Wedding planning is stressful. And honeymoons are anything but!

However, unlike any other detail of the wedding, the list of places to go for a honeymoon is endless. To help you out in your planning, here are 6 reasons to honeymoon at a Smoky Mountain bed and breakfast near Gatlinburg.

6 Reasons to Honeymoon at a Smoky Mountain Bed and Breakfast

  1. Location
    The #1 rule of real estate is “location, location, location” and truth be told, this isn’t just for buying and selling properties, but also where you want to spend your time. Any Smoky Mountain bed and breakfast has the amazing and awe-inspiring quality of being located in or near the Smokies. Imagine the views. The fresh air. The wild life. The outdoorsy-ness. And quickly you’ll see why the Smokies are a great honeymoon destination.
  2. Proximity
    Not only is the location in the beautiful Smoky Mountains great, but the Smokies are located within a day’s drive of half of the United States. That means – no flights to catch, no paying to park in a lot for a week, no delays. You can drive and be at your bed and breakfast before nightfall, and wake up the next morning totally refreshed and ready to go.
  3. Activities
    There is no end to the great activities that await you in the Smokies. From zip lining, to white water rafting, from horseback riding, to hiking, the Smokies has something for everyone and every skill level. And don’t just think these activities are exclusive to warm-weather months. The weather in the Smokies is beautiful all year round, so there is always an opportunity to get out and do something fun.
  4. Accommodations
    Bed and breakfasts treat you like no one else can. There’s no cookie cutter molds, no large-scale models at the bed and breakfasts in the Smokies. Just genuine Southern hospitality, and a coziness that is hard to match in a large corporate hotel or Gatlinburg cabin.
  5. Personalization
    Besides the great accommodations, Smoky Mountain bed and breakfasts offer you personalized service. This includes delicious breakfasts, getting the best recommendations for local dining and activities, and amazing add-ons, like picnics for a hike or a romantic bike ride.
  6. Awesome
    At the end of the day, honeymooners just want a great place to connect, explore, have fun, and make memories. Bed and breakfasts offer all of that and more. Each charming and unique, you’ll love to spend your honeymoon in a Smoky Mountain bed and breakfast.

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Are you planning a honeymoon? We hope you’ll consider a Smoky Mountain bed and breakfast. We invite you to check out and download your FREE copy of a Smoky Mountain Romantic Getaway Planning Guide to help you get the most out of your honeymoon.

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Bonus: Christopher Place was built especially for romantic getaways. That means you and your partner will have everything you need to enjoy your time away from it all. At Christopher Place, we pride ourselves on overlooking nothing but the beautiful views of the Smoky Mountains. And we’re sure it will be a perfect match for your romantic honeymoon.

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